vrijdag 10 juli 2009

yes, she looks at me !!!

JA, Ze kijkt me aan. Het was heel spannend om met maar een paar steken haar ogen te moeten doen. Maar het is gelukt. Nu nog haar mond. En ik hoop dat het net zo goed lijkt als haar ogen.Dan krijg ik er naast nog een saaie pagina en dan ga ik aan de laatste, onderste rij beginnen.
YES, She looks at me. It was very exciting to do only with a few stitches her eyes. But it was successful. Now her mouth. And I hope it looks as good as her eyes. Then I get besides a dull page, and then I go to the last, bottom row.

5 opmerkingen:

Chiloe zei

Amazing! This is so beautiful but I could never stitch one ! Do you really enjoy yourself when you stitch a HAED?

Artystitches zei

WOW! this is looking amazing can't wait to see more.

Suzie zei

Astrid, this piece is absolutely stunning, and your stitching is SO beautiful!

Now I'm anxious to see the rest of the image unfold.

Thanks SO much for sharing with us!

Yvonne zei

OMG! Her eyes are really stunning. How many colours changes are there for her eyes? I bet there must be a lot as there's so much expression in her eyes! Lovely lovely!

Carolyn NC zei

She looks so good - wonderful stitching!