vrijdag 15 mei 2009


HAAAA de laatste pagina van de bovenste rij.... dan kan ik naar de tweede rij dan komt haar gezicht al dichtbij....

HAAA the last page op the top row. Then I can to the second row so her face wil be close......

4 opmerkingen:

Gabi zei

Het oogt schitterend Astrid.

Ingrid zei

het ziet er inderdaad prachtig uit en al goed gewerkt hoor ! de laatste bladzijde van de eerste rij ? WOW !! Ik denk dat ik daar een jaar ga over doen !

Chiloe zei

Thanks for following my blog and therefore giving me the link to your blog because I love what you stitch !!! I wouldn't stitch any HAED charts but I do admire ALL HAED stitchers for their patience !!! I'll be back to your blog and congratulations for all the pieces you stitched in the past ;-)

Yvonne zei

You are one stitcher whom I really admire a lot. Fast and great taste in all your chosen works. Hope you are feeling better now. I had been sick since May I really couldn't stitch my HAED as I need a lot of concentration for a HAED. Firefly is really amazing.