donderdag 12 februari 2009

Firefly and Madonna

Ik heb sinds de laatste update niets meer aan de Zodiac gedaan maar 1 hele pagina van de Firefly gemaakt en nu weer begonnen met de Madonna van Cristensen.

I have done nothing since the last update at the Zodiac. but i made one page of the Firefly and I started the Madonna again, after some frogging......

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Marie zei

Hello !

Thank you to show me the progress of your works.

Concerning Firefly, I must say that it is amazing how I can always be filled with admiration when I see an embroidery taking life. The beginning of Firefly let see a beautiful stitchwork to come. And I must emphasize your good taste in coosing your charts.
Firefly is another excellent choice !
How many time did you take for stitching this beginning of Firefly ?

Concerning the Madonna, I felt in love with it at first sight. So all of your progress about it is an enchantment for my eyes ! But so it is with all of your work progresses...
What fabric do you use for the Madonna ?
You remind me an archaeologist who, little by little, makes appear an ancient mosaic.
I know you took time in frogging stitches. But, believe me, it's worth it, because it's beautiful !

Thank you for sharing this all with us !

Astrid zei

Hai Marie
Yes Firefly is beautiful. I did one page in two weeks. But I must say it was much black and brown and blue. Very easy to stitch.
I use 18 ct aida for the madonna.
I continue with the Madonna till i have one page done. Because of the time passed with frogging and the Firefly. So no updates of the Zodic or the Firefly but Madonna time...
Thanks for youre kind words.

If it is not to much to ask but can you send me youre picture to my email so i can add you to my stitchsfriends on this acount. Only if you want...
My email is
Do you make a blog of youre work ????

Marie zei

Good morning !
I sent you an e-mail, I hope you'll get it !
Have a nice day !