zondag 11 januari 2009

Flight of the Linx

Even naar mijn vader gefietst om zijn werk op de foto te zetten. Toen hij belde dat hij een rij af had was hij wel gewoon doorgegaan. Daarom dat kleine stukje aan de linkerkant. Hij moet nog drie rijen. En dan gaat hij er 1 voor mij maken. Veel grijs tinten. Castrovalva van Escher.
Ik heb de stof en de dmc maar vast besteld want hij gaat zo snel. Eer dat ik het binnen heb gaat hij al beginnen.

I went to my father to take a picture. He pfoned me to say he had finished a row. He has stil 3 row's to go. After he finished this one he is gonna make one for me. Castrovalva from Escher. Much grey and black.

I have ordered the fabric and the skeins. If I have it by mail he is finished this one already.....

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Marie zei

Hello !

My name is Marie and I live in France. I only can speak french or english, so I hope that you will understand me ! I want to tell you how much your work is wonderful ! I love stitching and particulary the charts from HAED. I go every day on the HAED website and I look the pictures of finished works. So when I came on your blog, I was surprised because I saw many of the works which I love lookink at every day. For exemple Isabella, or Wildwood dancing, or our lady... I love looking at them. I have a dream for this year : stitch one HAED chart and frame it. I have chosen one of Kinuko Craft. The beginning is hard for me, but I have already bought the flosses that I need for the first page. So when I go on your blog, I'm dreaming on my work and you motivate me to begin it. I would love to see your progress on Madonna frome Christensen. Do you have a picture ?!
So I hope that you will have a nice day, and if you want to write to me, no problem ! My e-mail adress is : jumper67@free.fr

Happy stitching !!