donderdag 24 januari 2008


Sorry dat het even geduurd heeft eer dat ik weer een update maak.
Maar nu kan ik wel laten zien hoe Isabella er uit komt te zien.
Hier is ze dan ze heeft een gezicht.

Sorry that it has just take a while to make an update
But now I can show how Isabella is looking
Here she is at last with a face.

4 opmerkingen:

Melissa zei

Astrid-I found your blog through the HAED BB and I have to tell you, your stitching is beautiful. Your father's too.

Did you hand paint the fabric for Isabella yourself? It's beautiful.

What count fabric do you usually stitch your HAED designs on?

Astrid zei

Hi melissa
Thank you for youre kind words. Mindy from Sugar Maple painted the fabric for me. She did A fine job. And for the other Haeds I usualy use 18 ct aida. Isabella is made on Lugana.

Melissa zei

Thank you for answering my questions! I'm getting ready to start my first HAED and am struggling with a fabric decision. I've narrowed it down to 22ct aida or hardanger fabric and the 25ct lugana or jobelan. Your work is gorgeous on the aida so that gives me hope. I worry about being able to see all those over 1 stitches on the 25ct lugana/jobelan.

Astrid zei

I do never over 1 stitches always over two. It is bad for my eyes :)
I hope you are able to see it. What are you going to make ??